Court Reporting

Utilizing the latest technologies you will never have to worry if Zaro Court Reporting can provide the products and services needed for your case. Whether you need a transcript synced to the video or exhibits linked to the transcript, we have you covered.

Transcript Services

Transcript Printing

Includes full Size, word Index & mini (custom covers available)

Transcript Archiving

All transcripts will be archived for quick retrieval & reprinting

Transcript Bundles

Exhibit scans hyper linked to the transcript all in one file

Transcript Syncing

Your choice with video and/or hyper linking

Transcript Conversion

E-Tran, PDF & ASCII formats available

Exhibit Processing

Scanning, copying & online storage

Zaro Advantage

Here at Zaro Court Reporting we understand the challenges that can arise when scheduling depositions and proceedings. That is precisely why we have grown our team of reporters and videographers to one of the largest in the Portland metropolitan area. Here are just a few of the advantages you will receive with Zaro Court Reporting.

Reliable Source

Extensive group of Court Reporters & Videographers ensure that you can rely us.

Free Archiving

Free Transcript & Exhibit Archiving for quick retrieval and reprinting.